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Fermentation Made Easy

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Fermentation is a type of food preservation that actually increases the nutritional value of the foods being fermented. The process of fermentation is actually quite simple and you do not need any special equipment to get started. If you are curious to learn more about fermentation, this book is the perfect place to begin. In this book you will receive the following: An overview of fermentation and fermentation methods A step-by-step guide for creating brine and whey A collection of recipes for fermenting a variety of different foods If you are ready to try fermentation for yourself, simply follow the step-by-step guide in this book, select a recipe, and get started!

Industrial Fermentations

RRP $320.99

CONTENTS - Introduction, L. A. Underkofler and R. J. Hickey - PART I -ALCOHOLIC FERMENTATION AND ITS MODIFICATIONS - 2 Alcoholic Fermentation of Grain, W. H. Stark - 3 Alcoholic Fermentation of Molasses, H. M. Hodge and F. M. Hildebrandt - 4 Alcoholic Fermentation of Sulfite Waste Liquor, J. L. McCarthy 95 5 Production of Alcohol from Wood Waste, J. F. Saeman and A. A. Andreasen - 6 The Brewing Industry, R. I. Tenney - 7 Commercial Production of Table and Dessert Wines, M. A. Joslyn and M. W. Turbovsky - 8 Glycerol, L. A. Underkofler - PART II. THE PRODUCTION OF YEAST - 9 Commercial Yeast Manufacture, R. Irvin - 10 Food and Feed Yeast, A. J. Wiley - PART III. THE BUTANOL ACETONE FERMENTATIONS - II The Butanol-Acetone Fermentations, W.N. McCutchan and R. J. Hickey - PART IV. FERMENTATIVE PRODUCTION OF ORGANIC ACIDS - 12 Lactic Acid, H. H. Schopmeyer - 13 The Citric Acid Fermentation, M. J. Johnson - 14 Gluconic Acid, L. A. Underkofler - 15 Fumaric Acid, J. W. Foster - 16 Itaconic Acid, L. B. Lockwood - 17 Acetic Acid-Vinegar, R. H. Vaughn - INDEX -

Fed-batch Fermentation

RRP $495.99

Fed-batch Fermentation is primarily a practical guide for recombinant protein production in E. coli using a Fed-batch Fermentation process. Ideal users of this guide are teaching labs and R&D labs that need a quick and reproducible process for recombinant protein production. It may also be used as a template for the production of recombinant protein product for use in clinical trials. The guide highlights a method whereby a medium cell density - final Ods = 30-40 (A600) - Fed-batch Fermentation process can be accomplished within a single day with minimal supervision. This process can also be done on a small (2L) scale that is scalable to 30L or more. All reagents (media, carbon source, plasmid vector and host cell) used are widely available and are relatively inexpensive. This method has been used to produce three different protein products following cGMP guidelines for Phase I clinical studies.

  • This process can be used as a teaching tool for the inexperienced fermentation student or researcher in the fields of bioprocessing and bioreactors. It is an important segue from E. coli shake flask cultures to bioreactor
  • The fed-batch fermentation is designed to be accomplished in a single day with the preparation work being done on the day prior
  • The fed-batch fermentation described in this book is a robust process and can be easily scaled for CMO production of protein product


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