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Parallel And Distributed Processing : 10th International Ipps/spdp'98 Workshops, Held In Conjunction With The 12th International Parallel Processing Symposium On Parallel And 9th Symposium On Parallel And Distributed Processing, Orlando, Florida, U. S. A., March 30-april 3, 1998

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of 10 international workshops held in conjunction with the merged 1998 IPPS/SPDP symposia, held in Orlando, Florida, US in March/April 1998. The volume comprises 118 revised full papers presenting cutting-edge research or work in progress.In accordance with the workshops covered, the papers are organized in topical sections on reconfigurable architectures, run-time systems for parallel programming, biologically inspired solutions to parallel processing problems, randomized parallel computing, solving combinatorial optimization problems in parallel, PC based networks of workstations, fault-tolerant parallel and distributed systems, formal methods for parallel programming, embedded HPC systems and applications, and parallel and distributed real-time systems.

Teaching Workshops Overseas

RRP $18.99

ARE YOU INTERESTED I TEACHING ABROAD? IF SO, THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! Why should you read this book? As a teacher and professional in teaching workshops overseas, I have designed this book to give you a systematic plan, from A to Z, in how to teach I a foreign country. Since this may be the first time that you will be going overseas to teach, I have incorporated step-by-step instructions on how to proceed and what you can expect bot prior to departure and upon arrival. Overall, this book serves as a valuable resource of essential information to make your journey easier and more organized. Who should read this book? "How To Teach Workshops Overseas," relates to a wide range of individuals who are interested in teaching abroad. If you are a volunteer, student, teacher, lay person, friend, or family member whose relative or friend is thinking of traveling to a foreign country to teach, this book will provide you with the necessary information to ease the journey. In addidtion, it serves as a reference for those who teach within their own country. What are the features in this book that will benefit you? By buying this book, you have taken your first step to planning your teaching experience overseas. From there on, this book will become your guide, serving as a road map with all the necessary ingredients to understand what it is that you will be undertaking. Relevant facts as well as various strategies and teaching styles are explained to get you started. After reading this book you will be able to take the knowledge you have acquired and apply it to your own individual experience. Now it is time to begin your journey to teaching overseas by reading this book!

A Hopscotch Summer

RRP $20.99

Emma Brown is a happy-go-lucky child, content to work hard at school, and to play hopscotch with her friends on the pavement outside her house in the run-down Nechells area of Birmingham. As long as everything is alright at home with her Ma and Pa, her little sister Joyce and brother Sid, then life is good. But after Em's mother Cynthia has her baby she just doesn't seem to be able to cope. Her life-long friend and neighbour Dot helps as much as she can, but she has children of her own, and no man to hand; Cynthia's husband Bob, too, does his best, but begins to feel that he's losing the wife he has loved so much; and little Em just can't find enough hours in the day to do all the washing and cleaning. Soon, it seems, the only thing is for Cynthia to go and stay across the city with her tyrannical older sister. With Cynthia away, life only gets harder for Em. Her best friend Kate ostracises her, leaving only poor, stinky Molly Fox at her side, and when the Board Man comes to call, wanting to know why she's not at school, things are really bad. When Bob stays out later and later in the evenings, always the worse for wear, and spending too much time with a local very merry widow, Em decides to travel across Birmingham to fetch her mother home, but the mother she discovers is a far cry from the proud, upright and loving figure she has known so well...


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