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Diary Of A Wimpy Minecraft Villager

RRP $15.99

Diary of a Wimpy Minecraft VillagerGet it INSTANTLY!This is a story told through the diary of a simple young villager. This villager has lived their life in a calm manner because they are not a very confident person. The villager is very aware that they are not confident and wishes to change that in order to live a more happy life. So, in an attempt to be a more confident person, the simple villager decides to buy a diary and record their daily life in the hope that it might help them realize their fears and eventually become a more confident person. The purchase of this diary is the first step in a whirlwind of events that the villager encounters in their journey for confidence. The villager finds that there is a strange zombie who can wander around in the daylight when this is not a normal thing for zombies to do. The villager decides that they must find the cause of this and, in doing so, they must face their fears and become a more confident person along the way. So, come along on this journey of a villager and their diary. Find out the truth about the daylight...Get it INSTANTLY!

Villagers Of The Maros

RRP $73.99

John M. O'Shea explores this question by employing modern archaeological theory and analysis as well as mortuary theory to build a model of an Early Bronze Age society in the eastern Carpathian Basin. He focuses on the Maros communities and utilizes the densely encoded social information from their cemeteries to draw a picture of the Maros' social systems.

Diary Of A Minecraft Zombie Villager

RRP $11.99

When you're in a summer camp scavenger hunt, sometimes you need to read between the lines....

Loyal friends Lewis and Sebastian team up again, and this time it's at summer camp! Although tentative Lewis isn't exactly enthused at the idea of summer camp, his supportive friend Sebastian assures him it'll be the experience of a lifetime.

So far, Sebastian's promise has rung true! With outrageously fun activities, and a boat race that has the boys on the edge of their seat, Lewis quickly realizes that this trip to camp will be one he will remember for the rest of his life. As the camp draws closer to completion, the boys are delighted to hear that the campers will participate in a scavenger hunt. Putting their heads together, they mull over the mysterious clues. But winning this last contest is going to be harder than they thought....

What's waiting for these friends at the end of the scavenger hunt? Will they even reach the end? Only time will tell when you read "Summer Scavenge."

An exciting story for any young reader, Summer Scavenge, with vivid illustrations and nonstop fun, will undoubtedly capture and retain the attention of your child - whether he or she likes to read or not!


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