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Budding Yeast

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Over the past century, studies of the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae have helped to unravel principles of nearly every aspect of eukaryotic cell biologyfrom metabolism and molecular genetics to cell division and differentiation. Thanks to its short generation time, ease of genetic manipulation, and suitability for high-throughput studies, yeast remains the focus of research in a vast number of laboratories worldwide.

This laboratory manual provides a comprehensive collection of experimental procedures that continue to make budding yeast an informative model. The contributors describe methods for culturing and genetically modifying yeast, strategies and tools (e.g., gene deletion collections) for functional analyses, approaches for characterizing cell structure and morphology, and techniques to probe the modifications and interactions of various cellular constituents (e.g., using one- and two-hybrid screens). Strategies for studying metabolomics, complex traits, and evolution in yeast are also covered, as are methods to isolate and investigate new strains of yeast from the wild.

Several additional chapters are devoted to bioinformatics tools and resources for yeast biology (e.g., the Saccharomyces Genome Database). This manual is therefore an essential resource for all researchers, from graduate level upward, who use budding yeast to explore the intricate workings of cells.


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This little tale was written between two and three years ago, in the hope that it might help to call the attention of wiser and better men than I am, to the questions which are now agitating the minds of the rising generation, and to the absolute necessity of solving them at once and earnestly, unless we would see the faith of our forefathers crumble away beneath the combined influence of new truths which are fancied to be incompatible with it, and new mistakes as to its real essence. That this can be done I believe and know: if I had not believed it, I would never have put pen to paper on the subject.

Yeast Research

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Yeast research, which was originally concerned with improving wine-making and brewing processes, has played a major role in the development of a number of modern scientific disciplines. In the 20th century, investigations of yeasts laid the foundations for mitochondrial genetics and cell cycle research. Today, thousands of people are engaged in research on yeasts, studying their physiology, metabolism, genetics, and molecular biology and developing new applications for industry and medicine. The book describes the historical background of this important work.

This book reviews the history of yeast research, beginning with fermentation research at the end of the 18th century. It traces our growing understanding of yeasts and their role in the evolution of microbiology, biochemistry, cytology, and genetics, and it includes an account of research on medical yeasts. Readers will learn how findings in yeast research were used to overcome complex problems and to develop currently accepted scientific concepts and methods.

Author James Barnett has worked on yeasts in the laboratory for 50 years and accordingly emphasizes experimental evidence, reproducing many figures from the original researchers??? work as well as illustrations of the equipment they used. The book is enlivened with images of many of the scientists and offers accounts of notable incidents in the lives of some of them.

More than 2,400 references are included, and there are many direct quotations from these sources. With its detailed discussions of the development of theory, methods, and techniques, Yeast Research: a Historical Overview serves as a key resource for anyone teaching or learning microbiology, biochemistry, or general biology.


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